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There are more than 91m school children worldwide now defined as living with obesity – and the UK is in the top 20 countries for obesity levels. In the UK, the obesity rate for children doubles during primary school years – and then increases again in secondary school.

This is in part because teenagers in the UK consume poor quality diets, low in nutrients and high in processed foods. Indeed, girls in England do not get essential nutrients required for reproductive and overall good health (vitamin A, folate, iron). Which Night Time Fat Burner really works. And young people are also generally low in at least five micro-nutrients needed for development, immunity, mood and energy levels.

Teenagers in the UK also consume the highest amount of added sugars and sugary drinks compared to all other age groups. Teenagers also consume the highest amount of breakfast cereal products (that are also known to be filled with sugar), and confectionery. And only 4% of UK teens meet daily fibre recommendations. 2022’s Best Fat Burning Pills For Females. This is concerning given that dietary fibre is associated with a decreased risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and cancer. Young people are also only eating around two and half portionsof their recommended five a day of fruit and vegetables.

Research also shows that teenagers from disadvantaged backgrounds have lower micro-nutrient and fibre intake than their more well-off peers. And findings from the Food Foundation think-tank show that almost 4m children in the UK live in households that struggle to afford to buy enough fruit, vegetables, fish and other healthy foods to meet the official nutrition guidelines.

These types of dietary patterns can not only have negative consequences on the physical health of teenagers, but they can also impact their mental health. What Is The Best Female Fat Burner Pills. Research shows malnourished teens are less likely to fulfil their potential at school, and more likely to suffer with poor mental health.

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